Night Trap Heading to PS4, Prepare for FMV Camp

If you’re old enough (like I am) to remember or game on a SEGA CD, then chances are you’ve tried Night Trap. If you’re not that old, or just not a fan of campy horror full-motion video (FMV) games, then you’re in luck! Night Trap is headed to the PlayStation 4!

You read that right! One of the most famous FMV games will be making a return 25 years since it first launched! For those not familiar with Night Trap, it starred scantily clad teenagers who are under attack by “vampires” (using that term loosely) who want to drain their sexy necks of all that sexy blood. The player can then switch between different cameras to activate traps and stop the women from being harmed. Needless to say, it’s the type of “game” that got teenage boys all hot and bothered during the ’90s (hey, we didn’t have internet back then!).

If you want to see how campy it really is, go watch the trailer above. It’s being ported by Screaming Villains and distributed by Limited Run Games for a spring 2017 release on the PS4 and Xbox One. Night Trap on PS4 will be available on physical disc and will even have three different covers!

With games like Late Shift doing FMV right, are we seeing a comeback for the genre? Time will tell, but let’s hope Night Trap gets the attention it deserves. You can also download the Night Trap theme song right here for free.

[Source: Limited Run Games (Twitter)]