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PopCap Lays Off Portion of Seattle Studio, Refocusing on Key Titles and New Projects

PopCap, best known for working on the Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies games, has announced that it has laid off a portion of the staff at its Seattle studio.

In a letter by PopCam GM Matt Nutt, he explained:

“Our PopCap Studio in Seattle continues to be home to amazingly creative teams. But we need to evolve to ensure our big ideas are going to continue to excite and give players more of what we do best – inspiring the world to play, together.”

While the letter doesn’t indicate just how many people were laid off at the studio, it does state that the company is planning to not only help those who were laid off “with severance and other assistance” but also “wish every single one of them the absolute best.”

As to the situation of the studio after the layoffs, Nutt explains that it will be “refocusing on key titles and new projects.” He also goes on to say:

“PopCap Seattle isn’t going anywhere–we’re re-focused and re-energized,” Nutt continued. “We’re returning to our roots–smaller, leaner, pushing hard to build new things, and aiming big to excite fans worldwide with our games. We’ll keep working to deliver more for some of our existing Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies titles, but we’re also going to try some new things, too.”

Most recently, PopCap has been working on DLC for Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 but it looks like the company has a few new projects in the pipeline if the letter is anything to by.

[Source: PopCap (Twitter)]