Free-To-Play Strategy Game Pox Nora Comes to PS4 on May 23

Previously expected in Q4 2016, Pox Nora, a free-to-play, “tactical-turn-based strategy game with collectible card and fantasy MMORPG elements,” is now releasing on May 23 for PlayStation 4, Desert Owl Games has announced. There was no mention of the PlayStation Vita version today.

Desert Owl’s Linsay Craten talked about Pox Nora:

In Pox Nora, players command Champions who battle across a battlefield where tactical thinking and strategic movements are necessary. The goal is to destroy your opponent’s shrine while capturing Nora fonts, which provide more resources and act as new spawn points for your Champions. But there’s a twist: each Champion is one of more than 2,700 you can collect and choose from when building your deck before each match.

In addition to cross-play with PC/Mac and all of the currently-released PC expansions, Pox Nora for PS4 includes exclusive content. After launching Pox Nora for the first time, you’ll be given the Ironfist Inquisition deck, and PlayStation Plus members will receive exclusive versions of eight Pox Nora Angels, a collection of extremely powerful cards.

If you’ve been playing Pox Nora on PC, you’ll have the option to copy your existing account’s inventory to PS4.

As you’d expect from a free-to-play title, Pox Nora (our preview) will have optional micro-transactions, allowing you to buy in-game currency that can be used to unlock card packs.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]