Here’s Everything Included With Rocket League Update 1.34

740MB on PlayStation 4, 1.9GB on PC, and 2.9GB on Xbox One, Rocket League update 1.34 is now available to download.

As the full list of patch notes shows, Neo Tokyo has been updated with a standard layout, the Nitro Crate with new items has been added, support for the Pull-Back Racers codes was added, and Bunny Ears now flop in the correct direction:

New Content


  • “Neo Tokyo” has been updated with a Standard Arena layout, and is now available in all Playlists
  • The original “Neo Tokyo” has been renamed “Tokyo Underpass,” and is available to play in offline and private matches


  • Nitro Crate has been added
  • When received, the Nitro Crate will display as “Crate – Nitro” in your inventory

Community Flags

  • The Loot Crate Community Flag has been added

Rocket League Pull-Back Racers

Select Pull-Back Racers will come with one code redeemable for a set of two exclusive in-game items:

  • Original Minis Pull-Back Racers will be on sale later this Spring, and then codes can be redeemed via the Redeem Code button in the Extras menu
  • Exclusive Rocket Trail: Cold Fusion
  • Exclusive Wheels: ZT-17

Bug Fixes


  • [Steam] Fixed an issue where toggling Motion Blur on and off would cause a game crash
  • [Console] Light Shafts will no longer automatically re-enable if disabled in Video section of the Options Menu
  • [Steam] Vertical Sync will no longer automatically re-enable if disabled in Video section of the Options Menu
  • Rocket Trails viewed in the Garage when playing Splitscreen no longer display diagonally: Fixed Rocket Trails include: Alpha (Gold Rush), Bubbles, Cold Fusion, Datastream, Flamethrower, Frostbite, Helios, Hexphase, Hydro, Ink, Netherworld, Plasma, Slime, Snowflakes, Standard (All Colors), Treasure
  • Fixed an issue causing some glowing wheels to look incorrect when Painted. This fix affects the following wheels: Photon, Septem, Troika, and Voltaic
  • Side Boost locations on DFH Stormy, Urban Central, Urban Central (Dawn), and Urban Central (Night) now match those found in other standard arenas
  • Bunny Ears now flop in the correct direction
  • The “CCCXL” Decal for Ice Charger is now correctly named “CDXL”
  • Earned Assists now correctly display in the Leaderboards
  • The Ball Indicator now correctly displays on “Mannfield (Night)”
  • [Xbox One] The “Registered Voter” achievement has been fixed

The Mini Pull-Back Racers will be available beginning in early in June in North America, priced at $5.99 USD. Target and GameStop will be the first retailers to carry them, with more being added in the coming months. Details for European retailers are TBA.

Psyonix said, “The Pull-Back Racers will all be part of a blind bag system and each will come packaged in its own miniature Rocket Ball for the suggested retail price of USD $5.99. The toys will be based on the in-game Battle-Cars and include Octane, Dominus, Masamune, Hotshot, Grog, X-Devil, Merc, Backfire, and four limited variants.”

In the Known Issues thread on Reddit, Devin from Psyonix said, “We are looking into the Hexed and Snakeskin feedback, and we are looking into the Painted Wheels feedback.”

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