The 10 Best Video Game Moms

Every second Sunday of May is a special day for mothers in the United States, as they get a well deserved thank you for all of their hard work. While they should be appreciated every day, it doesn’t make Mother’s Day any less special. This year the holiday falls on May 14, which happens to be today (so if you forgot to purchase a present, you better go out shopping before you finish reading this article). Because of this, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle would like to send thanks to all of the hard working mothers that visit the site, and help make the world so great.

Since we’re a gaming site, we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day in our own way by taking a look at some iconic gaming moms. While some of these characters probably shouldn’t be teaching a parenting class, they all have certain qualities that we can all learn from. Only two rules were in place: A) Since we’re a PlayStation site the video game moms had to appear on a PlayStation console at some point (sorry, Mother Brain) and B) Every character has to be a mother (although that should be pretty obvious).

With that out of the way, check out our list below of the 10 best video game moms!

We hope you enjoyed our look at the 10 best video game moms. While we only highlighted 10 great characters that have peculiar relationships with their children, there’s a ton of other great characters that also happen to be mothers (either biologically or not). So, it’s no knock against them if they didn’t make the list.

Let us know in the comments below which video game mom is your favorite, and how you’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day!

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