The Division Was a Massive Success According to Studio Director, Became a Monster Brand

The Division was a huge success for Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment, with the game being the publisher’s best-selling game and becoming the industry’s biggest first-week launch for a new game franchise. Since, then the game has received numerous updates as well as three expansions. Speaking to Game Reactor, Massive Entertainment Managing Director David Polfeldt talked about the game’s success as well as its future.

It’s a huge brand, it’s a monster brand. And to be honest, it became way bigger and was more successful than anything we had hoped for. We had very high ambitions but in the end The Division is one of the most successful launches in the entire gaming industry of 2016. And that gives us an incredible platform to look at. What can we do with that? What can we learn from that? How do we bring it to the next level? What do we do that is live and what do we in the shadows before we show it and so on?

So for us it’s been really an opportunity to stop and look at what do you do when you have a chance like that? It’s not often in the gaming industry that you have an opportunity as a developer to be in charge of a brand that has such a big potential.

With The Last Stand, the last expansion included in the game’s Season Pass, released earlier this year, the future of The Division is still unknown but it looks like Massive Entertainment is far from done with the game and E3 might be where fans of the game will find out what’s next for The Division.

[Source: Game Reactor]