Tarsier Studios “Never Really” Intended to Make Little Nightmares a Long Game

Tarsier Studios’ Little Nightmares has generally been well-received but it did earn some criticism over its short length. Turns out, the developer “never really wanted to make a long game” to begin with. That’s according to narrative designer Dave Mervik who told Game Informer in an interview:

The idea always was to make something that got in and got out – which is a horrible way to put it. Something that didn’t hang around and felt like filler. It’s our first original game as well, so we wanted to make sure that the emphasis was on quality rather than length.

Tarsier seems happy that people want more, however. Mervik says that the studio might consider crafting a longer experience should it make another game in the same universe but it would prioritize quality over quantity.

What’s amazing is that people do want more. If we did get to make another game in that world in the future, perhaps we’d have a bit more time to make something longer, but it would never be just for the sake of it. If the story we wanted to tell next time was only going to be a certain length to be good, then we’d have to go that way.

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[Source: Game Informer]