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I need to start this week’s Trophy Theory by apologizing for not publishing a column two weeks ago, but if you want to check out why I missed posting, you can read all of my thoughts on Destiny 2. Instead of home in my living room writing about trophies, I was in a hangar in LA watching Destiny 2 get revealed, and if there’s one thing I love more than trophies, it’s Destiny. Destiny 2 will bring a new set of trophies to earn, so September 8th is pretty much the rapture for me. Goodbye world. Hello to that sweet, sweet convergence of new Destiny and a new Platinum to chase.

Picking my jaw off the floor and wiping up the drool, it’s time to get to what this Trophy Theory is all about. PlayStation trophy hunters everywhere will agree that there are certain tools of the trade that go along with the hunt. Much like Kratos wouldn’t venture out on his god killing errands without an arsenal of weapons, trophy hunters need to gear themselves up to accomplish their goals of earning difficult trophies and Platinuming games. Side note: I think it’s hilarious that we use Platinum as a verb.

The list below goes through some of the most useful PlayStation trophy hunting resources that I have come across. These are sites, apps, YouTube channels and more that have helped me every step of the way to being the very best, like no one ever was. Earning trophies is something every PlayStation gamer does, but a planned efficiency and obsession when your PS4 is off is what separates us from them. Without further ado, the best resources to help you in your hunt for PlayStation trophies. Forums is my go-to resource for both beginning the trophy hunt and when I just need some help with a one-off difficult trophy here or there. The forums there are a gathering of like-minded trophy hunters who share tips and tactics of their own, as well as a great place to ask for help if you need it.

PS Trophies also does an amazing thing in letting people submit full trophy guides and roadmaps. A roadmap is a handy little planning tool that tells you the most efficient way to go through a game, obtaining missable trophies and earning the Platinum in the shortest time possible. They also do a great job at keeping these roadmaps spoiler free for story heavy games, so you can plan your trophy hunt without worrying about narrative surprises or gameplay twists being spoiled.

Any good hunter has found themselves on PlayStation Trophies’ forums, and it’s earned its place as the first site I search for information on how to earn a trophy.


Where the PSTrophies forum is a great place for getting information about how to earn trophies, is one of the best places to track your trophies. Go to the site and enter your PSN profile name to get a wealth of information about your own trophy habits. PSN Profiles is a site that I check neurotically to see if I’m still within the top 500 hunters in the US (Humblebrag: I am, don’t worry).

Chandler Trophy total January 17

PSNProfiles has a really sleek design and is hands down the best place to check your own trophies and begin a road map for your next hunt, whether it’s finishing up an old game or starting in on a new one. This is another site that’s definitively earned a place as one of my homepages.

PS Trophies App

Sometimes you don’t have a computer to easily check websites, and I’ve found that the previous two sites are less than mobile friendly, so having a good trophy app is a must. For years, I have been using the PS Trophies app, which allows you to look at your own trophies in a very organized and mobile friendly manner. Any good hunter needs the ability to quickly check trophies on the go, and this is just the app to do it. You can even set up a widget to have a trophy card displayed right on your phone’s home screen.

Additional Resources

The above three are the primary resources that I use for all my trophy hunting needs, but there are plenty more.

  • PowerPyx is an awesome trophy guide video creator, and his video guides appear on
  • Exophase often has trophy lists for upcoming games posted before anyone else.
  • PlayStation LifeStyle has yours truly doing Trophy Theory, as well as trophy lists on most major upcoming releases.
  • Google. Seriously, Google can be one of your best friends for some of the weirder trophies out there. Never rule out a good Google search to see if some small site or forum somewhere has a guide on how to get a trophy.
  • A PlayStation 4. Check your list right on the console, compare trophies with a friend, and even earn trophies!

Are there any additional resources you use when hunting for your trophies? Do you use any of the sites or apps we listed above? Tell us what you use to plan your trophy hunts in the comments below, and stay tuned for more Trophy Theory on PlayStation LifeStyle.

A future Trophy Theory will be talking about the games that keep you playing in spite of trophies, whether you aren’t even interested in going for them while you play the game a lot, or you keep playing the game far beyond earning the Platinum trophy. I want to know which games attract trophy hunters beyond the trophies and can keep you playing. Reach out to me at the contact information below and you may see your submission in a future Trophy Theory.

I want Trophy Theory to be a conversation. This shouldn’t be me talking at you. It should be a discussion about trophies and everything that comes with it. I want your suggestions for what you want to talk about or see on Trophy Theory. Have a question for the Trophy community that you want to discuss? Throw your ideas into the comments below, email me, or tweet me. You may see your suggestion tailored into a future Trophy Theory.