NBA Playgrounds Update 1.05 Fixes Commentary, Online Penalties

In our review of NBA Playgrounds we noted that developer Saber Interactive had created a solid game that was rough around the edges. Since it released on May 9, the studio has been hard at work fixing various glitches and adding features (such as being able to play against friends online). Now a new patch is available for the game on PlayStation 4, which adds in a number of changes and bug fixes.

The biggest gameplay change is that the game now follows NBA regulations, and matches won’t end while the ball is currently in the air. Now it’ll keep going until the shot either goes through the net, or clanks off the rim. This’ll certainly make for more shocking endings to matches. Other changes include stiffer penalties to online quitters, and fixes to the commentary as sometimes lines would trigger when they weren’t supposed to.

Check out the full details on the latest NBA Playgrounds update below:

Notable Changes:

  • Adjusted: Now when the time of the match reaches zero and the ball is still in the air the match won’t end until the shot is resolved (either by scoring or failing).
  • Adjusted: The penalization received from disconnecting from matches has been increased. Now the user loses more ELO points and the progressions grows faster.

Notable Fixes:

  • Fixed: Some issues related to the random selection of players and the rule that prevents to pick two repeated players.
  • Fixed: Some players of Legendary and Epic rarity didn’t have the proper background.
  • Fixed: Loading screens with control scheme and the explanation for the shot meter weren’t rotating properly.
  • Fixed: Some commentator lines that were triggered in the wrong time.

NBA Playgrounds is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Since the Switch version has been plagued by a number of issues (handheld resolution, lack of online play), Saber Interactive announced yesterday that owners will be able to get Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn for free.