Trophy Theory – E3 2017 Trophy List

Of course this week’s Trophy Theory lands smack in the middle of E3 2017, so the trophy obsessed here at PlayStation LifeStyle are having a little bit of fun with the column. There’s undoubtedly a lot of news, reveals, and scandals to keep up with, so we’re helping you navigate everything with the E3 2017 trophy list! Part entertaining feature, part commentary on the biggest gaming industry event of the year, this list takes on E3 2017 from all angles: gamers, journalists, and developers. Will the E3 2017 Platinum be unlocked? Or will some impossible grind keep this one as unobtainable?

It should be noted that this was written on Sunday before I flew out to E3, so some of my predictions and references may be wrong our outdated by the time you see this. Most notably absent will be any announcements and things seen in Sony’s conference, such as my heavily wished for PS4 Pro price drop. With that out of the way, enjoy the E3 2017 trophy list.

See You Next Year! (Platinum)

– Unlock all other E3 2017 trophies.

An Exclusive Secret (Gold)

– Collect all definitions of the term ‘exclusive.’

Basket Full of Buzzwords (Gold)

– Collect every marketing buzzword used at E3 2017.

4k/60fps Brah! (Gold)

– Specs matter more than fun.

…with RPG elements. (Silver)

– Witness the continued appropriation of an entire genre.

Drop It Like it’s Hot (Silver)

– $500 is way too much for a mid-gen upgrade.

Sequels, Reboots, and Remasters (Silver)

– What’s old is new again.

Shoulda Got the Fastpass (Silver)

– Wait in line for 3 hours for a 15 minute demo.

You can have any color, as long as it’s black (Silver)

– Check out the new console colors Coal, Midnight, Pitch Dark, and Onyx Abyss.

It’s virtually reality (Silver)

– Check out Sony’s massive virtual reality showing at E3 2017.

Try Again Next Year (Silver)

– At least one game showcased at E3 2017 is also shown at E3 2018.

Activision and Sony, Sitting in a Tree (Silver)

– Multiple Activision games are showcased at Sony’s press conference.

I’m Late, I’m Late! (Silver)

– Be late to an appointment.

Renewed Interest (Silver)

– See a game that you had previously forgotten about.

Hidden Trophy (Hidden Trophy)

Welcome to Jurass- errr… E3 2017! (Bronze)

– Enter E3 2017.

Gun Game (Bronze)

– See 20 games with guns in them.

Lamest. Merch. Ever. (Bronze)

Witness the terrible ESA merchandise now that E3 2017 is open to a public audience.

Sorry. Sorry. Scuse me. Sorry. (Bronze)

– Come into physical contact with 500 other human beings at E3 2017.

Work Horse (Bronze)

– Stay in writing a game preview instead of going to an E3 party.

Socializer (Bronze)

– Go to an E3 party instead of writing a game preview.

How’d you do that?? (Bronze)

– Manage to write a game preview and still make it out to an E3 party.

Old Friends (Bronze)

– Catch up with people you only see once per year.

Oh, so it’s a blank-clone (Bronze)

– Hear games referred to in context or comparison to other games.

Don’t you forget about me (Bronze)

– A game is announced with a release window three or more years away.

This isn’t what I paid for! (Bronze)

– Play a game on the show floor that’s already available to the public.

“That’s not something we can talk about at this time.” (Bronze)

– Fail to ask the right interview questions.

What a Tease (Bronze)

– Shawn Layden’s shirt at the Sony press conference hints at a future announcement.

I’ll catch up in the recap (Bronze)

– Miss 25 pieces of news from E3 during the week.

The Return of Girlwood (Bronze)

– Ubisoft uses a hired non-industry celebrity personality to hype their games.

Where’s the gameplay? (Bronze)

– See three trailers that do not use gameplay footage.

Stuff We All Get (Bronze)

– Collect 15 pieces of game swag from the show floor

I shouldn’t, I’m working (Bronze)

– Have a beer at one of the E3 booths during business hours.

Pocket Full of Cards (Bronze)

– Forget to hand out your business card. Again.

Is this really neccessary? (Bronze)

– Swap business cards with someone you’ve known for years.

What is this… ComicCon? (Bronze)

– See 10 members of the public cosplaying at E3.

In it for the long haul (Bronze)

– Survive all three days of the E3 show floor

Staying Hydrated (Bronze)

-Drink more than one gallon of water each day of E3.

Death of the Console Wars (Bronze)

– Take a moment to mourn the move of Microsoft’s booth to the third-party hall.

Meeting Your Heroes (Bronze)

– Spot 20 gaming celebrities at E3 2017.

It’s Just Business (Bronze)

– Coverage of the major games and publishers will always take priority.

What do you think of our E3 2017 trophy list? Think a Platinum trophy is achievable? Are there any trophies you would add to this list? Make sure to throw your suggestions in the comments below, enjoy all of our E3 2017 coverage, and stay tuned for more Trophy Theory on PlayStation LifeStyle.

A future Trophy Theory will be talking about the games that keep you playing in spite of trophies, whether you aren’t even interested in going for them while you play the game a lot, or you keep playing the game far beyond earning the Platinum trophy. I want to know which games attract trophy hunters beyond the trophies and can keep you playing. Reach out to me at the contact information below and you may see your submission in a future Trophy Theory.

I want Trophy Theory to be a conversation. This shouldn’t be me talking at you. It should be a discussion about trophies and everything that comes with it. I want your suggestions for what you want to talk about or see on Trophy Theory. Have a question for the Trophy community that you want to discuss? Throw your ideas into the comments below, email me, or tweet me. You may see your suggestion tailored into a future Trophy Theory.