E3 2017 – PS4 Pro Showcase Video Reminds You Who’s the King

Making sure it’s not forgotten amid all the Xbox One X brouhaha, Sony has released an E3 2017 video showcasing the PS4 Pro. While the console has been available since last year, Sony really doesn’t want you to forget that the PS4 Pro can handle graphics much, much better and cleaner than the vanilla PlayStation 4.

Of course, stuff like HDR (High Dynamic Range), 4K streaming, 4K upscaling, resolution and more are mentioned. Of course, the biggest draw of the PS4 Pro is also on showcase, which is Sony’s extensive library of exclusives that you can’t play on any platform. Mind, you can play these games on your vanilla PS4, but if you want them at their best, get them on the PS4 Pro.

PS4 Pro would-be buyers and current owners, you should check out my recent article on why I don’t quite understand Microsoft and the company’s plans for the Xbox One X.

Has Sony done a good job selling the PS4 Pro in the video? What would your focus be? I know I’d lead and end with “games, games, games!!!!” if it was me.