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Atari Is Making a New Console Based on PC Technology, Teaser Calls It “Ataribox”

In a surprise move, Atari has announced that it’s returning to hardware business with a brand new console. A week ago, a teaser for “Ataribox” (above) appeared on YouTube, which many thought was fake and immediately dismissed. CEO Frederic Chesnais has now confirmed to VentureBeat that the home console pioneer is indeed making a new console based on PC technology.

The hardware is in its design phase and we’re told it’ll be unveiled at a later time but it looks like there’s still some life left in Atari, which filed for bankruptcy protection in 2013. Chesnais subsequently bought the company which VentureBeat reports is now profitable. Atari also continues to license its brands.

No further information is available at this time but we’ll keep our readers posted. According to the teaser, Ataribox is a “brand new Atari product” that’s been “years in the making.”

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[Source: VentureBeat]