CI Games: There’s A “Very Small Team” Working on Lords of the Fallen 2

Tomasz Gop, who was the executive producer on Lords of the Fallen 2 before leaving the project in 2015, told Eurogamer in a recent interview that we was let go by CI Games “because of a reduction in team, in scope, in budget, in business approach.”

Gop worked on Lords of the Fallen 2 for nearly two years, and he says he hasn’t “seen it leave the concept/vision stage.”

He added:

There came a time when Sniper [Ghost Warrior 3] was the most important thing for CI, the next big hit. It also might have been the reason why Lords was not progressing as fast. Of course it’s not uncommon knowledge that [Ghost Warrior 3] didn’t go exactly according to plan, especially if it goes for sales. And here we are.

In a message from CI Games last week, they admitted that positioning Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 as a AAA title was a huge mistake and their upcoming tactical shooter won’t have “all of the trappings of a large open-world setting.”

CI Games CEO Marek Tyminski told Eurogamer that their games won’t match the scale of AAA titles, but they’ll still focus on quality. With Lords of the Fallen 2, “it doesn’t mean that we are not continuing with Lords of the Fallen – we definitely have that game in our plans and we definitely want to make this a great game. We’re very serious about Lords of the Fallen the sequel. It’s nothing like going halfway: this is definitely the quality way.”

However, Tyminski said, “We have a very small team working on Lords of the Fallen sequel.”

Previously planned for 2017, Lords of the Fallen 2 could be out within two years, it’s just a matter of CI Games finding the right team to co-develop it with (Deck13 co-developed the first game, but didn’t return for the sequel).

CI Games won’t release another game this year, but they do have something coming in 2018, “but we don’t want to say anything about what the game will be,” Tyminski said. It’s possible it isn’t the tactical shooter, because he says “it’s definitely too early to say anything” about that game.

As for the future of the Sniper Ghost Warrior series after Ghost Warrior 3 support ends, Tyminski couldn’t say anything at this point.

[Source: Eurogamer; Screenshot is from Lords of the Fallen]