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Top 5 Xbox One X Features We Want the PS4 to Implement

While the Xbox One console is lagging significantly behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 in terms of sales, Microsoft hopes to kickstart that a bit when it releases the Xbox One X later this year. Safe to say that the Xbox One X trumps the PS4 and the PS4 Pro in terms of raw horsepower, but that’s not the only thing it has going for it.

In today’s Top 5 Tuesday video, we take a look at the top five Xbox One X features we want to see implemented by Sony for the PS4, or even for the company’s future console. Just a bit of a disclaimer here, some of the stuff we list down are features for the Xbox One and not exclusive to the Xbox One X, but these are something we still want to see on Sony’s home console at some point or another. Take off the fanboy glasses and give the video a watch to see what Xbox One X features we want to have on the PS4.

Agree with our picks? Or should we change the site to Xbox LifeStyle? And yes, I’m kidding about that. Are there any features from the Xbox One that you want to see Sony implement on the PS4 or even the PS5? If so, let us know in the comments below what they are.

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