The XStation Is a PS4 Slim and Xbox One S Jammed Into One Console

While there are those who would never think of putting a PS4 and an Xbox One beside each other, there are others who are okay with having both consoles featured in their entertainment systems. But this one modder has taken the latter one step further, by combining both consoles into one.

The XStation is the creation of Eddie Zarick, who also invented the PS4 Laptop, and uses parts from a PS4 Slim and an Xbox One S to combine them into a single home gaming console. The console features a lone HDMI port for both halves of the consoles and users can switch between both with a press of a button.

It also features single main power port for both consoles as well as separate USB ports, disc slots, and eject buttons for each. There’s also an LED indicator to show which half is currently being used, green for Xbox One and blue for PS4.

You can check out the entire video showcasing the XStation above. Those hoping to get their hands on the XStation will sadly be disappointed though as, unlike the PS4 Laptop, the XStation won’t be mass produced as Zarick says that it was just a “fun project just to show.”

[Source: Eddie Zarick (YouTube) via ONMSFT]