Project Cars 2 “Built By Drivers” Episode 3 Features Tommy Milner

Continuing its Project Cars 2 “Built By Drivers” video series, Slightly Mad Studios has now released the third episode called “From Sim to Pro” and features Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner.

“From Sim to Pro” chronicles the development of Milner’s love for sim racing at a very young age when he began creating car mods for video games under his “Turbo Tom” handle. He then parlayed his sim racing experience into a career in real-life racing when he started racing go-karts the tender age of 14. Through the years, Milner has built a successful racing career driving in different racing series and teams, culminating in two 24hrs of Le Mans wins (2011 and 2015) with the Corvette Racing team (the official General Motors backed racing team). Today, Milner is still racing with Corvette Racing, campaigning a Corvette C7.R in the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. Milner has shared his extensive in-seat racing experience and expertise to assist the development team at Slightly Mad Studios in creating the most authentic and fun racing experience possible in a video game. 

You can watch the first episode and second episode if you want to catch up on all that’s been released so far.

Project Cars 2 will race to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this September 22.