Shakedown: Hawaii Gets a Full Reveal Trailer, PS4 & PS Vita Versions Will Include Cross-Buy

Brian Provinciano, the creator of Retro City Rampage, brought out the full reveal trailer for Shakedown: Hawaii today, giving you a look at the graphics, gameplay, and open world.

Releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and PC, Shakedown: Hawaii is a “parody of mega corporations, white collar crimes, and the most comically egregious business practices that go alongside.” Playing as an aging CEO, you’ll take drastic measures to keep the business afloat. “But, whether you’re cornering the market on avocado toast or masterminding new hidden service fees, the missions ultimately unravel into the same carjacking, combat, and shootouts you’d expect from the genre,” Provinciano adds.

You can see more of Shakedown: Hawaii on the official website.

A release window hasn’t been announced for Shakedown: Hawaii, but we do know that you can expect cross-save and cross-buy with the digital versions. Shakedown: Hawaii will get physical copies on PS4 and PS Vita after the digital launch.


Asked about a Platinum Trophy, Provinciano said, “I’ll be begging Sony for one, but can’t make any promises just yet. Fingers crossed though! I want it to have one too!”

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the gameplay teaser from PSX 2016:

[Source: PlayStation Blog, VBlank Entertainment]