Masquerada Gets a Launch Date & Trailer, Tactical RPG Inspired by Renaissance-Era Venice Coming to PS4

After previewing the game at PSX 2015, we’ve been eager to see Masquerada made available on PlayStation 4. First slated for a 2016 release, the game’s launch had been delayed. Thankfully, it’s now almost ready for PS4 owners to play, with a newly revealed launch date of August 8, 2017.

What’s more, the brand new “New Game+” mode has been announced and will be available at the console version launch. Not only can you replay the game in this mode, but it additionally includes “new scenes and extended dialogue in existing scenes, as well as fights including a fiery giant chicken boss.” Cicero Gavar, the main protagonist, will also “gain the ability to equip skills from all four elements” in this mode.

Here’s a rundown of what the story will entail:

Set in a city-state whose people don’t believe in an afterlife and where only the rich and powerful are granted the privilege of being remembered after their passing, the world of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is one with rich lore and world building, bright, hand-painted environments, and a thoughtful story that explores how societies deal with love, life, power and death.

It’s been five years since Gavar was exiled. Allowed to return home in exchange for investigating the disappearance of an old friend who has been researching the Mascherines, magical masks that grant extraordinary powers, Cicero’s journey will force him to navigate through a civil war and a mystical, ancient history full of intrigue and tragedy.

Cicero and his four companions will confound their enemies in real-time combat with tactical pause. Between skill trees of Cicero and his allies, the party can activate elemental combos to deal devastating damage.

As for gameplay features, here’s the lowdown:

Lead five flawed members of the Masquerada into the battlefield in a struggle for truth and faith

Explore pauseable real-time combat and strategic magic synergies across three character classes

Inflict debilitating status effects with elemental combos, like fire and water mixed into blinding steam

Enhance your party’s combat mastery with skill trees, spell modifiers and flanking tactics

What do you make of Masquerada? Let us know!