Obduction, the Successor to Myst, Comes to PS4 This August

Developer Cyan announced today that their sci-fi puzzle game Obduction will finally be coming to PlayStation 4 next month. The game, which supports PlayStation VR, is set to launch Tuesday, August 29. The successor to Myst will cost $29.99, and those that pre-order will get an exclusive theme and avatar to use on PSN. “It’s been almost two decades since we created a product for console,”said Cyan CEO Rand Miller. “We couldn’t be happier about our return to PlayStation. We’ve been working really hard to craft a special Obduction experience for both PS4 and PSVR, and we’re so excited to get Obduction to our PlayStation fans.

Back at PSX 2016, our own Chandler Wood had the chance to talk to Myst creator Rand Miller. Here’s the one thing he wanted our readers to know:

“I think the one thing that I would get across is that we are really happy to make worlds. A lot of time we don’t even consider what we make to be games. We consider them to be real places, and the continuity that we weave into it is because we kind of cherish that fact, that we are building a place that feels like it’s got an entire history to it. We write histories that people never know about to keep us honest and keep us true. If you can get that, if you can latch onto that, even though you’re used to playing other kinds of games, this will be a nice… a whole different kind of feel than you would get elsewhere.

Obduction launches August 29 for PlayStation 4 and PSVR for $29.99.