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Call of Duty Documentary Coming Next Month From Devolver Digital

On September 19, Devolver Digital Films will release Jonathan Beales’ Call of Duty documentary, CODumentary, through Steam and Amazon. It will be available through the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, iTunes, Google Play, MGo, TubiTV, Indie Reign, the Indie Rights Video Channel, and DVD/Blu-Ray at a later date.

Carrying a 93-minute run time, the CODumentary “explores how the video game Call of Duty grew into one of the biggest global entertainment franchise blockbusters of all time.” The description adds, “The documentary details how Call of Duty, created in 2003 by Infinity Ward, faced strong competition in its early days from a host of similar high quality WWII games yet managed to rise to the top and sustain its position with a growing global fan base.”

The documentary was filmed across North America and Europe, and the story will be told by developers, fans, professional players, and games experts.

Beales said:

One of the biggest challenges making the film was encapsulating a 15 year timeline into 93 minutes. I was very fortunate to work with a lot of great people whose input and contribution really helped make this happen. It’s a rich story of evolution told through the eyes of games developers, fans, industry experts and professional players.

The CODumentary will be in English, with subtitles in German, Italian, Spanish (European), Spanish (South American), Portuguese (European), Portuguese (South American), Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, and Polish.

The press release adds that the documentary is not affiliated with Activision and was not authorized by Activision.

[Source: Devolver]