PS4 Pro Support for Agents of Mayhem, F1 2017 & Sine Mora EX Detailed

The latest installment of PlayStation Europe’s PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements feature continues this week with details on Sine Mora EX (out last week), Agents of Mayhem (out this week), and F1 2017 (out next week).

Starting with Sine Mora EX, a remaster of Sine Mora, PS4 Pro owners will find 2160p visuals at 60 frames-per-second. On top of that, the development team told Sony that, “due to a doubling of the game’s normal half-size buffers, players can expect ‘far superior’ rendering quality for particles – meaning every last whizz, pop and bang will be a good bit whizzier, poppier and bangier on PS4 Pro.”

Moving to Agents of Mayhem, you won’t find a resolution increase (it outputs at 1080p and supports HDR), but Volition has improved the performance, meaning you’ll find up to 60fps during gameplay. The regular PS4 version runs at 30fps.

Other PS4 Pro enhancements in Agents of Mayhem include a four-times increase in anisotropic filtering (refines texture detail and quality), increased shadow quality, and an increase in dynamic pedestrian and vehicle counts throughout the city.

Finishing with F1 2017, you can expect a “full 4K output resolution of 3840 x 2160, achieved through a checkerboard reconstruction technique,” on PS4 Pro, and it will run at a “super-smooth” 60fps.

F1 2017 also supports HDR, and those with a 1080p display will “also benefit from hugely-improved image quality thanks to down-sampling.”

On top of all that, you’ll find improved environment reflections, enhanced shadow precision, and upgraded track shaders.

Are you planning on playing any of these games on your PS4 Pro?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]