8 PS4 Features That Would’ve Left My 10-Year-Old Self Speechless

The PlayStation 4 is fast approaching its fourth anniversary, and in that time, Sony’s flagship hardware has come on in leaps and bounds, refining its user interface with some long-requested features (see: party chat) and even launched a technologically superior system in the form of the PS4 Pro.

It’s been a whirlwind initiation for Sony, then, and even today the company continues to iterate on the PS4’s core capabilities and introduce novel features, such as the newly-unveiled 5.0 update. Beginning today, console owners will be able to take full advantage of parental controls, while those on PS4 Pro can finally stream content at 1080p/60fps via Twitch. Pretty nifty, eh? Now imagine if PlayStation Blog‘s latest status report was presented to a ten-year-old in the year 2002.

Remaining with that train of thought for the time being, for the purpose of this rather nostalgic piece, I’ve compiled a list of the best PS4 features. It’s an eight-parter, as the title suggests, and though they may not be the most ground-breaking of the console’s bells and whistles, I’ll be damned if they would’ve have left my ten-year-old self speechless.

Bells and Whistles

Because let’s face it, we tend to take things for granted when it comes to gaming hardware and its many functionalities. In only 15 years, we’ve gone from a console with rudimentary network capabilities and no online store to one that’s tailor-made for a digital future. Now imagine what the next 15 will herald.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, a trip back in time is on the cards. It’s 2002. The European union has expanded its borders to include Czech Republic, Estonia, and Hungary. Meanwhile the United States is busy ordering its troops to Afghanistan post-9/11. For the gaming industry, 2002 will be remembered as the year of Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, and the Game Boy Advance, while GTA: Vice City ruled over sales charts at the time. Back when the mere thought of cloud storage was but a distant dream and your 8MB memory card was your most prized possession. Shall we?

And that’s merely scratching the surface. Even for all of those lingering niggles — namely Sony’s unwillingness to compromise on cross-platform play and those sluggish download times on PlayStation Store — the PlayStation 4 (Pro included!) is a remarkable piece of hardware that would have truly left my ten-year-old self speechless.

But is there one feature in particular that I overlooked? Or are you more of the mindset that the PS4 still has a ways to go when it comes to improving the overall gaming experience? I’ll see you in the comments.

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