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Gameumentary Releases ‘The Story of Perception’ Teaser Trailer

There are only a few days left for the Gameumentary Kickstarter to hit its $22,000 goal, and Nick Calandra has released a new teaser trailer for the campaign. This teaser focuses on The Deep End games and the story behind their creation, Perception. One thing is sure from the teaser, this is no normal indie game studio story.

Watch the trailer below:

PlayStation LifeStyle also interviewed the Gameumentary founder. Here’s a bit more about the Kickstarter campaign and Calandra’s goals:

PSLS: How difficult has it been finding developers to agree to do a documentary?

NC: It took a while to get our first bite, Runic was kind enough to give us a chance to show what we could do, but after that developers haven’t really turned us down unless they just don’t have time to do it. For the Kickstarter we picked and chose what we could feasibly do, and we’ve got more studios lined up through 2018 already. Can’t say anything about that yet, but there isn’t any downside for these studios to do a documentary. It’s basically free publicity for them. Right now we’re in Boston doing The Deep End Games documentary, and it’s a really unique way to see how things work [in game development]. I think a lot of people miss the fact that each studio has a very unique story to them regardless of who they are. When you meet everyone involved you really get a sense of that story.

To get back to your original question, all the studios have been very receptive. It’s a different type of coverage, and our documentaries are going more in-depth and into the personal side of things. That’s one of the things we didn’t do too well within the Runic doc, and we didn’t go into everybody’s backstories as much as we wanted to. That’s what we’re trying to rectify with this new doc, as we’re going really deep in Bill and Amanda’s personal history in games. They’re a husband and wife that developed a game in their basement.

Make sure to back the Kickstarter if you want to see more from Gameumentary!

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