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Ark: Survival Evolved Launch Updates Detailed

Ark: Survival Evolved has had a bit of a rough launch, but the developers have assured that they are working on the issues that have plagued the game. On the Ark forums, Jat has detailed the updates that are upcoming for the game, as well as the reason for the delay in getting new servers set up. Additionally, he offers a stopgap solution to a problem many PlayStation 4 users have been having with Ark crashing while they work on an official fix.

Here’s the information from the Arc forums:

As of now, we should have a number of new servers available for people to play on across all platforms, later tonight we’ll be working on bringing on some more, as well as looking into whether we need to increase our numbers based on player activity, unfortunately the process is still going to be a long one, as it will have to be a manual setup as opposed to what we normally do. I don’t suspect we will have any new servers coming online for the next 12 hours, but I will keep you posted as I learn new information.

There are some issues which have currently been identified with the latest update, primarily related to the server sessions filter. We will be iterating on it heavily across the course of the day, applying fixes live. Abstraction is currently working on some crash fixes for PlayStation, as well as fixing the Primitive+ Server Filter, as currently, those servers are not on display.

An important note for those currently crashing when selecting the Join Ark button on PS4 (this is being fixed by Abstraction and we’re planning to get a quick-cert patch out today), you can prevent the crash by heading into your the System Storage on your PS4 and deleting Ark’s configuration file. This won’t clear any of your game-data, but just settings you’ve applied to the game/last known uses — so things like what filters you’ve got on, volume etc. This will stop the join Ark crash. It occurs when switching to the Unofficial PC servers filter, it may not happen every time, but if you find yourself in a situation where it is, deleting that file will stop the crash.

Let’s hope these new servers and other fixes will make Ark: Survival Evolved a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Are you planning on picking this title up?

[Source: Ark Community Forums]