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Six Games We Would Love to See Clap Hanz Develop

Everybody’s Golf is now available for PlayStation 4, and has received positive reviews from both fans and critics. Due to this, I figured it was time to look at other types of games that developer Clap Hanz should look into making. We are going to omit Tennis because hopefully they are already looking into reviving the Everybody’s Tennis franchise.

Clap Hanz is too talented a studio to only focus on golf, and their treatment of sports games should be spread over more than just sports. They’ve shown their range in the past with the Hot Shots Shorties series, and I’d love to see them do more.

Check out our list of six games that we would love to see Clap Hanz developer, Everybody’s style.

For more on Everybody’s Golf, check out a snippet of Chandler Wood’s Everybody’s Golf review:

Everybody’s Golf feels in a lot of ways like a golf RPG. With open courses to roam, items to collect, and the ability to level up, it’s a spin on the traditional golf game that drives forward momentum like a perfect tee-off. There’s enough of an arcadey vibe that it stays accessible, while having plenty of nuance for skilled players to really hone in and have a lot of fun with it. Some minor issues come up with the RPG aspects forcing scavenger hunts for skills, but these really are tiny issues in the big picture. With a low barrier to entry and a high skill ceiling, charming design, and reasons to play for a long time, Everybody’s Golf really is golf for everybody. What? You were expecting a hole-in-one.

Let us know in the comments below which other Clap Hanz games you’d like to see!

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