Intriguing Neo-Noir Game, My Eyes On You, Announced for Consoles and PC

Storymind Entertainment has unveiled an intriguing neo-noir game, My Eyes On You, which puts players in the role of FBI analyst Jordan Adalien who’s tasked with unmasking the identity of a murderer. The third-person action adventure is set in an alternative version of Chicago, and has players investigating an “elusive Man in the Red Mask” with the help of other detectives.

You can check out a trailer above, and an official description below:

“Oh the Devil fears, Jordan, for even he was born of another.”

My Eyes On You is a third-person 3D action/adventure mystery with a neon-noir feel, set in an alternative version of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. It’s been years since Carnival Man has claimed a murder victim, at the relief of Chicago’s inhabitants who live and breathe carnival culture all year round. But these bad memories might live on still… Play as Jordan Adalien, an FBI analyst returning to Chicago to face his old demons and catch the elusive Man in the Red Mask – with the help of detectives Ryland Tremble and Carol Griffiths, and of the FBI profiler Benton Ulrich who appointed you to the job. Jordan soon realizes that the case becomes more personal with every step he takes, until he’s betrayed and framed by those he trusted the most. The clues players find and choose to process will impact whether the story takes a grounded or mystical direction, as well as the resulting ending.

Escape the masked thugs. Find the truth. Clear your name.


  • Lead the investigation on the Man in the Red Mask. The clues you find and choose to process will impact the events to come
  • When in stressful situations, Jordan’s anxiety will affect his abilities and provoke hallucinations
  • Progress through your investigation by solving mysteries… and avoiding Carnival Man’s thugs
  • A mystery action/adventure adapting to your choices, on a beautiful backdrop of neon-noir atmosphere

Storymind Entertainment comprises of developers whose portfolios include some high-profile games like Metro: Last Light and The Witcher 3.

My Eyes on You is headed to consoles and PC. A release window has yet to be announced.