Knack 2 Treasure Chest Collectibles and Skill Upgrades Guide

In Knack 2 there are 100 treasure chests to collect, and they’ll give you an item part or a crystal relic. Finding relics plays into the upgrade system heavily since each one you find gives you a ton of relic energy. The chests are optional, but you’ll find that you’ll become a lot stronger a lot sooner if you seek them out.

Below are some tips to find Knack 2 treasure chests, and how best to upgrade Knack.

How to find treasure chests in Knack 2

Knack 2 Treasure Chest

The contents of each treasure chest in Knack 2 is randomized, but their locations are the same no matter how many times you play a level. A bit is working against you when you’re trying to collect each of the 100 chests.

The camera isn’t as easy to manipulate than it is in a lot of third-person games. This makes it hard to look around in a manner that might make a chest more apparent. It can also make reaching a chest you’ve found harder since it can be hard to see exactly how to get to it.

There’s no indicator of when you’re near a chest. The only way to find one is to stumble upon it. There is one thing that’s on your side when it comes to this collectible hunt though. In the pause menu on the right side of the screen, you’ll see a section titled “Hidden Treasures.”

This section shows you how many chests there are in the current level, and it will show them in the order they’re found in the level. So, if you find a chest and the second icon shows you’ve collected it, you’ll know that the treasure you missed is somewhere before the chest you discovered in the level.

How to upgrade Knack

Knack 2 Treasure Chest

To upgrade one of Knack’s skills, you must find enough relic energy to feel your meter. Once you have one meter worth of energy, you can unlock the first skill on the tree. The catch with the upgrade system in Knack 2, is it’s fairly linear.

You’re forced to unlock all the skills in the Way of Speed section of the tree before you can access the other branches Each branch is self-contained, so you can’t skip from a high-level Way of Speed power to a high-level power on another of the Ways.

The best way to unlock the skills fast is to find the above treasure chests. Enemies you defeat give you a bit of relic energy too, but the boost from the chests can really make a difference.