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Ubisoft Opens New Studio In Quebec

September 6, 2017Written by Anthony Nash


Yesterday, Assassin’s Creed publisher Ubisoft announced plans to open a new studio in the Saguenay province of Quebec.

According to the company, the studio isn’t set to open until early next year, but it will focus on building out the company’s online services and tech. Ubisoft predicts the company to grow to nearly 125 employees within the first 5 years, which according to them would represent $135 million in regional investments by the company.

“We are entrusting Ubisoft Saguenay with a mandate that is resolutely focused on the future.” said Yannis Mallat, the new studio’s managing director. “The development of connected experiences that allow millions of players to meet and interact on online game platforms is a leading growth and innovation driver not only for Ubisoft, but for the entire videogame industry as a whole” said Mallat.

The opening of the Saguenay studio is part of Ubisoft’s larger plans for Quebec, according to the them. The company hopes to invest an additional $780 million and 1,000 new jobs by 2027, and plans to add 200 new jobs to Quebec City as well as 675 for Montreal through the addition of other studios in Quebec within the next decade.

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The rest of the demo’s open world area was filled with exactly the things you would expect from a Far Cry game. Hunting, fishing, gathering supplies for crafting, running over bad dudes with a truck; all of these elements are clearly there. Far Cry has always been a great franchise and Ubisoft is pushing the envelope to bring a whole new level of detail to the living world in Far Cry 5. Who would have thought that I could feel so isolated in a setting so close to home?