Disc Jam Update Adds Kahuna, the Game’s Strongest Character

High Horse Entertainment Founder Timothy Rapp announced that the latest Disc Jam update will add the competitive title’s first new character. The hulking Kahuna is rather unique, as he’s both the strongest and slowest character in the game. That makes him a threat, yet also weak in terms of defense. He can be purchased using in-game currency.

Kahuna isn’t the only major addition to Disc Jam, though. High Horse Entertainment also made some design changes. Here’s what is changing after the latest Disc Jam update (via the PlayStation Blog):

There have been a number of other updates in this patch including a significant change to the slide mechanic and some tweaks to the character balance. We’ve been having a lot of design chats in our discord about the current state of Disc Jam’s core gameplay. Thanks to our players’ excellent feedback, we have a good idea about what we want to address and with this update we are taking a small step towards further refinement of Disc Jam’s balance.

The slide “early-out” mechanic was making baseline play far too safe. Players could hang back and farm perfect throws so long as double-slides were still faster than sprinting. As we’ve mentioned in the past, sliding is a defensive maneuver that should have no offensive potential beyond traversing the court. With this patch, throw timing is no longer tied to the slide-out delay and all characters recover at the same rate. The throw timer will begin the instant the player has full movement returned after the slide. We’re eager to see how the competitive landscape shifts with this latest update!

A few other changes were also made as there are graphical improvements, decreased load times, and a number of bugs have been fixed.

Disc Jam is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]