PSLS Live Streaming: Twitch or YouTube?

Hey PlayStation LifeStyle readers! We’ve got a question for you! We want to start doing more live streaming, and on a regular schedule that you can follow so you know when to find us live.

Our big question for PSLS live streaming is: Twitch or YouTube?

Years ago, PlayStation LifeStyle used Twitch as our main live streaming platform, but in the past few years as we dabbled in YouTube video content, our live streaming went there. We haven’t been doing much streaming lately on either platform, but as we jump back into it, we want your feedback on what’s easier for you to watch and use.

I’ll be honest, I’m personally leaning towards Twitch. It’s easier to use and embed from my end, as well as having some awesome features built right in for viewer interaction. They recently announced the ability to check gear loadouts in Destiny 2 right from the stream!

YouTube has some features that people like too though, which is why I wanted to check with the people that would be viewing our streams the most (that’s you) to see which platform you would prefer to watch live streams on.

I can’t promise I’ll be good at whatever I’m playing, but I’ll try to be entertaining. I also can’t promise I’ll play anything other than Destiny 2 (I’m kidding, of course. Our streams will be a mix of existing games we love to play and new releases). This is a work in progress that we’re excited to start exploring, so all of your help and feedback is appreciated as we take this initiative and attempt to grow it into something you all can really enjoy every week.