There Will Be No New Batman Arkham Games According to Kevin Conroy

At a recent comic convention this weekend in Nashville, Kevin Conroy let it slip that there currently is no plan to create any new type of Batman: Arkham game, despite the series and it’s massive success.

The question was asked during a convention regarding Conroy at this years Nashville Wizard World Comic Con, and Conroy didn’t really hold back when answering:

“You know, I can’t believe that they’re not going to do another one, but they’re not. Isn’t that amazing? It’s… they made literally billions of dollars on those games. But, no, there’s no plan to do another one. Sorry.”

While it’s unlikely that the game series will be left alone forever, it is a bit disheartening to hear there’s currently nothing planned. Perhaps one day in the future, Rocksteady will want to visit the world of Gotham once again.

For more information on the Batman: Arkham series, check out our review of the Batman Arkham VR game:

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[Source: PC Gamer]