Yakuza Kiwami Update Adds Free DLC, Let’s You Dress as a Prison Escapee

September 12, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Yakuza Kiwami DLC

Yakuza Kiwami Version 1.07 was released today, and it brings with it the game’s second free DLC pack. The Kiwami Street Pack includes a new outfit for players to use plus some slot car racing parts that’ll help Kiryu dominate the (miniature) race track. The new outfit is the “Prison Escapee” outfit, and will make Kiryu look like he does during the game’s prison sequence.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Kiwami Street Pack:

  • Prison Escapee outfit
  • Extra Balanced Motor
  • Extra Slim Tires
  • Boost Gears
  • Speed Frame Plus
  • Stone of Enduring

To learn more about SEGA’s title, check out our Yakuza Kiwami review. Here’s what I had to say about the remake:

The other major issue that Kiwami runs into is some annoying game design that stems from the 2005 original. Yakuza has never had the greatest encounter designs (don’t even get me started on the final fight in Yakuza 4), but a lot of the fights in Kiwami boil down to the game throwing 20 baddies at Kiryu. Playing on normal, I never died during combat, but getting crowded and knifed repeatedly by foes ends up being more annoying than a satisfying challenge. There’s also a pretty lame car shootout sequence (tip: remember that you can slow down time during that scene so you don’t fail it three times like I did). Yet, for the most part, the sub-standard design doesn’t bring down the story. It all mostly ranges from serviceable to fun, and the fantastic localization and storytelling more than make up for some frustrating moments.

As a remake, Kiwami is a triumphant success. Not only is it leaps and bounds more playable than the PS2 original, the additional scenes help flesh out character motivations. This all makes the story of Kiryu’s rise feel more special, and it’s a perfect continuation for those who recently played Yakuza 0. There are some disappointments, though, as just roaming around Kamurocho feels like a step backwards from previous games that featured multiple cities to explore, but that’s just an unfortunate side-effect of being a remake of a much-less ambitious title. The new bells and whistles make Yakuza Kiwami a worthwhile time no matter if you’ve played the original or not.

Yakuza Kiwami is available now for PlayStation 4.