F1 2017 Patch 1.6 is Available to Download

September 13, 2017Written by Elizabeth Henges

f1 2017 patch

The latest patch for F1 2017 is now live for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The patch will release in a day or two for the Xbox One. Patch 1.6 fixes up some texture issues, corrects Public Multiplayer stats, and more.

Here are the patch note, courtesy of The Sixth Axis:

Here are the patch notes for the console version:

  • McLaren Engine upgrades are now correctly applied
  • Players losing vibration / force feedback in multiplayer
  • Blue flags at the start of some race
  • Cars spawning on top of each other at the start of a race
  • Simulated lap times being too fast compared to actual race times
  • Grid penalties for changing parts now apply correctly when reforming the grid after a formation lap
  • AI will no longer post single sector times as lap times at Monaco
  • Improved texture quality on PS4
  • Stats for Public Multiplayer now work correctly (in order to fully implement and correct this, stats and ranks will be reset)
  • Added Polish subtitles
  • AI drivers will suffer reliability issues in Championships mode
  • Various crash fixes

And here’s some additional tweaks that have been added to the PC patch:

  • McLaren’s Engine Power upgrades will now have an effect on the car when bought and applied.
  • Spec and Multi-Class Races with Classic cars in Grand Prix now work properly.
  • The player’s Team Mate at the start of a career will now always be the one they have chosen

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While not a huge fan of Formula One racing, I find myself on a yearly basis playing the latest F1 game by Codemasters. As a testament to the studio’s talents, I typically have a fun time despite not being the target audience. None of the past racing titles have truly captured my attention, though, as after going through a year or two of grands prix, I find myself moving on to play something else.

How are you enjoying F1 2017?

[Source: The Sixth Axis]