Windjammers Will Get a Physical Release From Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games has been responsible for a great many limited physical releases of games that wouldn’t get one otherwise, and it’s time to add Windjammers to that list. Windjammers will get a physical release for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. We don’t know when exactly this physical title will be released, only that it’s coming soon.

Here’s Limited Run Game’s tweet about the game:

Is Windjammers worthy of a physical release? Read our review to find out!

The strange resurgence of Windjammers, an obscure Data East game that revolves around throwing frisbees, is truly a product of the internet age. It’s been fascinating to watch the 1994 arcade title skyrocket in popularity in the past couple years since it all started in such organic ways. It became a Giant Bomb video staple in 2013, and a small, yet spirited, competitive community popped up online. It eventually led to consumers jokingly, and then seriously, trying to see the classic game get a re-release or sequel. Now, four years after the resurgence began, developer DotEmu has lovingly brought the title to both PlayStation 4 and Vita.

For those that are shamefully unaware of Windjammers, it’s basically Pong mixed in with a fighting game. Players attempt to throw a frisbee into the back of their opponent’s goal, while the opposing player attempts to intercept the flying disc and send it back at their opponent. It’s a frantically paced affair, as the courts are small, and characters are constantly leaping in order to get into the proper position. Oh, and the walls are made of rubber apparently, so the frisbee bounces off them in a wild manner.

Will you be picking up a physical copy of Windjammers?

[Source: Twitter]