New Gran Turismo Sport Details Revealed

gran turismo sport details

With the launch of Gran Turismo Sport rapidly approaching, Sony has decided to drop a ton of new information regarding the game, giving us a great look at the campaign, customization, and the online racing component.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Ken Chan – the product manager for SCEA – detailed eight things fans of Gran Turismo need to know. The first bit of information revealed had to deal with the campaign mode, and the various features found within. You can find some of these below:

  • Driving School teaches drivers everything from basic operations to advanced racing techniques to help make everyone an expert behind the wheel.
  • Mission Challenge provides various dramatic racing situations for players to overcome. Each mission has a “friend-ranking” leaderboard to encourage drivers to challenge their friends.
  • Circuit Experience lets you learn how to drive the most challenging sections of the world’s great race tracks, sector by sector, apex by apex, until you’ve mastered them.
  • In Racing Etiquettes players learn signals, flags, and safety car protocols to ensure fair and respectful race conditions for all.

Chan mentioned that as you increase your skill level, you’ll be awarded with more vehicles in various race groups, as well as in-game currency to expand your garage with more cars. Also detailed in the post is more information on the matchmaking system found in GT Sport:

The matchmaking system in GT Sport has been tuned to ensure that racers of similar abilities are pitted against each other. So, when you start off fresh, you’ll be placed against drivers of similar ability. As you build up time on the track, you’ll be rematched accordingly.

For those that are curious, the matchmaking is based on three key metrics:

  • Driver Level — Your driver level increases with XP gained in races.
  • Sportsmanship Rating (“Sport Mode”) — Just like in real world driving, we want to reward those that drive, and race, clean. So stick to the track, and limit the number of collisions to secure a positive sportsmanship rating.
  • Driver Rating (“Sport Mode”) — Starting on E, you can build towards achieving the coveted “S” rating — but watch out, a bad sportsmanship rating will limit your ability to progress.

There’s some more information you can find over at the Blog, including info on how the games photo mode and customization are going to be used in the game.

Gran Turismo Sport releases on October 17 for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]