RAID: World War II Coming to PS4 Next Month

raid world war ii

The development team of Lion game Lion has announced that the RAID: World War II release date is October 10, meaning it will hit consoles in less than a month. Because of this, creative director Ilija Petrusic joined the PlayStation Blog to detail some of the game.

In the blog post, Petrusic discussed how RAID is a game “with the DNA of Payday,” a series in which he was the lead level designer. Despite the shared DNA, however, Petrusic promised that there were huge differences in the upcoming co-op FPS. “This isn’t just Payday 2 during WWII. It’s Raid. What we did was that we looked at Payday and saw what features worked. But also which ones we lacked. So we added stuff like a “War Cry” feature and Challenge Cards that’ll make the gameplay more dynamic.”

The game will have a sort of “home” – or hub – to come back to, so they created a base camp for players to visit that will allow them to expand and update it as they complete raids. Also included in the game are Operations, which are essentially story based raids, giving players a better sense of the narrative and lore of the world.

According to Petrusic, the team behind the game are all World War II buffs, and in that spirit, they tried to shape something that they hadn’t seen before in WWII-themed games. “We didn’t want to focus on big battles. Many other games seem to look at Saving Private Ryan type movies as inspiration, but both Tid and I prefer movies like Kelly’s Heroes. More focus on the smaller teams with relatable characters and stories that you can go deeper into. Stories that can expand on not often gamified stories of World War II.” The concept of greed plays heavily into the game and how it was developed as well, says Petrusic. “So the question of who is good and who is bad became important for me and the rest of the team. Of course, it’s understood that Nazis are bad. But when it came to the story we wanted to tell, and our four main characters, we wanted it to be about a group of not-quite clean-cut traditional square-jawed commandos fighting the good fight. Sure, these guys are trying to take down the Nazis, but that won’t stop them from pursuing personal gain either.”

RAID: World War II releases on October 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]