Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.33 Resolves an Issue With Quest Progression

September 18, 2017Written by Elizabeth Henges

horizon zero dawn patch

The latest patch for Horizon: Zero Dawn, which will bring the game to version 1.33, is available now to download. Guerilla Games does note that this patch list contains spoilers, though. One of the bigger parts of this patch fixes an issue with the quest The Womb of the Mountain, wherein you could potentially ruin quest progression by killing an enemy too early.

Here is the full patch list, from Reddit:

Patch 1.33 is available now. This patch fixes a number of technical issues, issues that occurred with New Game + and Ultra Hard difficulty, progression issues and crashes as outlined below. The patch is 309.6 MB.

NOTE: This list may contain several spoilers!

If you encounter an issue while playing Horizon Zero Dawn, please try reloading a recent manual save, quicksave or autosave from the “Load” menu option. If the issue persists, please take screenshots of the area where it occurred and your location on the map, and forward them to us for further investigation.


• Implemented an option to allow making a manual save from a previous Game when starting a New Game to avoid losing progress.


• Fixed an issue where for some players Tearblast Arrows incorrectly deal extra Tear damage on Ultra Hard.

• Fixed an issue where some players were able to reroll Special Modification Boxes by saving and reloading.


• Fixed an issue in ‘The Womb of the Mountain’ when playing on Story difficulty where some players were able to kill the Corruptor outside of the gate, blocking progression because the player is not able to interact with it to continue the quest.

Will this latest patch help out your playthrough of Horizon?

[Source: Reddit]