The Solus Project is Now Available on the PSVR and PS4

The Solus Project has made it to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR today! Costing $19.99, The Solus Project can be played entirely with the VR set up, but if you don’t have a PlayStation VR or simply don’t want to use it, you can play normally on a TV with a controller. PlayStation Plus members in Europe will receive a 20% discount on the game if bought before October 1.

Grip Digital has released a launch trailer for The Solus Project:

There’s also some more information about the title:

Narrative adventure meets exploration and survival in The Solus Project’s foray through space. Jointly developed by Grip Digital and Teotl Studios (The Ball, Unmechanical), The Solus Project sets its sight for a new platform after critical success on PC and Xbox One. Playstation fans can now immerse themselves into a merciless journey as they seek for an answer of how to save mankind.

Set on a mysterious and seemingly uninhabited alien planet, The Solus Project challenges the players to survive the harsh, volatile environments of space. With natural and unnatural dangers lurking around every corner, players must explore the depths of Gliese-6143-C in order to find a way to send a signal back home.

VR support was an important part of development throughout The Solus Project, and with the upcoming release on consoles, players will get to experience this for the first time on PS4 with PlayStation VR! The Solus Project is promising to provide a unique VR experience to those who want to explore with PlayStation VR. The PS4 version of the game supports both VR and non VR play just like the PC edition. VR is in no way a requirement to enjoy the game however.

Will you be picking up The Solus Project?