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New Gameplay Footage of Earth Defense Force Iron Rain Releases

A couple of days ago, Earth Defense Force Iron Rain was revealed with a new, shockingly good looking trailer at TGS 2017. Now, more footage of the game has come out, including a nearly 10 minute long gameplay video that puts players into the boots of a trooper.

In the footage, we’re treated to eight minutes of a trooper making his way around the city while also fighting various bug-like creatures. You can view the footage below:


This is not to be confused with Earth Defense Force 5, which is also coming to PlayStation 4. Check out the info below to learn about its enemies (courtesy of Gematsu):

■ Primer

Flying Aggressive Alien Species

Extraterrestrial life brought in by an alien civilization. It was the first confirmation of an aggressive creature with the ability to fly, and it is speculated that the threat that it poses far exceeds that of the Aggressive Alien Species α and Aggressive Alien Species β.

Since it was first sighted in South America, it has quickly spread throughout the world. Since it can fly, it has a wide range of actions, and it is believed that its contamination can spread quickly. Also, because it exposes a wide area to danger, its effect on citizens is significant. It should be considered a maximum priority extermination target.

Its combat abilities are exceedingly high, and it can shoot needles while floating at rest in the air. Its power has been confirmed as strong enough to pierce an AFV vehicle. Although giant, it can fly quickly. Because it was able to destroy the attack helicopters it engaged with, it is considered to have greater aerial combat ability.

Mother Monster

A giant version of the Aggressive Alien Species α, discovered in an underground cave. Its total height is more than 50 meters. It is a giant incomparable to the Aggressive Alien Species α, which is only about 10 meters tall. Because it has dealt major damage to the troops it engaged with, it is considered to have high combat power.

The biggest problem posed by the Mother Monster is its ability to produce Aggressive Alien Species α creatures. A large number of Aggressive Alien Species α eggs have been confirmed in the underground cave. It is believed that they were all created by the Mother Monster. If left by itself, the creatures will multiply and bring about an irreversible situation.

Also, when confirming the existence of many Aggressive Alien Species α eggs, it is likely that the Mother Monster is in the vicinity. Swift extermination, let alone investigation, should be the maximum priority.

Earth Defense Force 5 is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan in 2017