Caveman Warriors Launches Today on PS4, XBO, and PC

Are you looking for a new co-op game to play with your friends this weekend? JanduSoft has you covered with Caveman Warriors. This co-op action platformer is sure to keep you all entertained!

Here’s a launch trailer:

JanudSoft has a bit more information about the game:

Caveman Warriors offers a co-op multiplayer experience that you can enjoy with your friends, sitting on a couch and eating some fried pterodactyl.

Defeat all kinds of enemies, destroy every roadblock and face fierce bosses. Travel through a caveman universe that is as dangerous as gorgeous.

But this experience hasn’t been seen before by anybody. For the first time ever, cavemen will have to use dimensional portals to travel to the future.

Out of their time, what will they be able to do? The answer is in your hands.

Interested? Of course you are! JanduSoft has provided a handy list of purchase links for PSN and other digital stores:

  • PS4 US (SIEA) at $14.99 with PS4 Theme + 10 Avatars for free for limited time only!
  • PS4 EU (SIEE) at 14,49€, 11,49GBP
  • XBOX ONE at $14.99
  • Steam at $14,99 with a 15% for limited time only
  • Mac App Store at $13.99

Caveman Warriors is also set to release on the Nintendo eShop, but is not out quite yet.

Will you be picking up Caveman Warriors this weekend?