New Character for Raiders of the Broken Planet Announced

Today, MercurySteam has announced a new character to the world of Raiders of the Broken Planet, available now to anyone that owns the Founders pack of the game. You can view a brief trailer introducing her to the game below:

Mikah, the newest Raider to join the team, has a unique ability that allows her to create a fake version of herself, which allows her to ambush enemies. This decoy ability not only makes her a great Raider, but makes her a formidable foe for anyone who might come across her. As previously stated, anyone who owns the Founders Pack (which includes all of the upcoming campaigns) has access to her now, and for those who don’t, she will become available in 10 days.

For those unaware of the format of Raiders, the game’s first two campaigns, the free Prologue and the $9.99 Alien Myths, released earlier this week, with three more campaigns coming at regular intervals: Wardog FuryHades Betrayal, and Council’s Apocalypse. Each campaign aims to tell a new story that runs parallel with the others, but focuses on different members of the Raiders. Campaigns will continue to cost $9.99 individually, though players can purchase a Founders Pack for $39.99 that includes every campaign on launch, as well as three additional players 10 days prior to release.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is available now PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.