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Rumor Surfaces That SNK May Be Working on Neo Geo Battle Colosseum 2

It looks like there might be a sequel to Neo Geo Battle Colosseum soon! A fair amount of details have been discovered in a set of Japanese images (and compiled by King of Fighters World, but keep in mind that this is still a rumor and nothing has been confirmed. Neo Geo Battle Colosseum was originally released in arcades in 2005, with an eventual release on PlayStation 2.

Here’s more about the rumored sequel from King of Fighters World:

The rumor which appeared in a Japanese in a series of Images (Seen here), also adds that the game will feature cell shaded graphics similar to Guilty Gear Xrd, or the upcoming Dragon Ball Fighter Z. From the story side, it seem SNK is trying to come up with a coherent story, something that the first game lacked. [In this rumored sequel], a mysterious character is trying to gather powers from all the famous SNK characters throughout history, and so warriors from different times and locations will gather to fight this unknown force.

If the rumor about the graphics is true, this will be the prettiest looking SNK title to date. There’s also more to read at King of Fighters World, including the rumored character list.

If you’re unfamiliar with SNK, they’re a developer that’s well known for their fighting games. Their latest game, The King of Fighters XIV, went over well with Tyler Tresse. Read our review:

SNK has brought it back in a big way, though, as The King of Fighters XIV features a ton of characters and modes. It’s a content rich game in a genre that has been constantly trying to reinvent itself with different pay models and structures. In many ways, it feels like the antithesis of 2016’s biggest fighting game, Street Fighter V.

Are you hoping for a new Neo Geo Battle Colosseum game?

[Source: King of Fighters World]