ARK Update 1.45 Fixes Bugs, Read the Patch Notes

ARK update 1.45 is now available for the popular survival game. It’s less exciting than the last update that brought players a bunch of Tek weaponry, but it does fix a bunch of minor bugs. That’s always good news.

Check out the ARK update 1.45 patch notes below:

  • Added in-game player list scrolling improvements.
  • ARK 1.45 has fixed localization bugs.
  • Other improvements.
  • ARK version 1.45 also includes minor bug fixes.

Also, in case you missed it, you can also check out the patch notes for the far more substantial ARK update 1.44:

– New Weapon: Tek Sword (Charge-Attack and damages Metal & significantly pierces Armor when powered by Element)

– New Armor: Tek Shield (Reflects incoming projectiles/bullets when powered by Element)

– New Structure: Tek Light (Attaches to any surface and can be either independently powered by Element Shards in its Inventory, or traditionally powered via generators)

– Fixed issue where clients would sometimes become disconnected after demolishing/destroying structures

– Fixed a spawn issue with Ragnarok Lava Golem Boss.

– Fixed the bear trap to avoid turret exploit. Bear traps only damageable by explosion now (or demolishing)

– Reduced Flamethrower Damage from base 100 per second to 30 per second.

– Flamethrower Direct Damage is now affected by Armour.

– Flamethrower expensive foliage particle effects now eliminated for everyone except the local player using the weapon

– Chainsaw not able to attack whilst running

– Tripled the effective “ammo” of TEK armours, so they last 3x as long per element

– Shield blocks should block whip stuns/item drops (and trigger the cooldown), and whip stun on players reduced to 1 second.

– Implemented a new value to reduce indirect torpor (Gas grenades, tranq).

– Chitin, Metal, Riot, and TEK Armours now reduce incoming torpor.

– Fixed an issue where explosives would have an impact on server performance

– Fixed a bug with the Phoenix where you could set dinos alight from a far distance

– Fixed a bug with the Phoenix where it wouldn’t do damage to wild targets in PVE

– Fixed a bug where you could unlock super speed with the TEK Jet Pack

– Fixed a bug where setting the server fps to 2.5 would launch you across the map

– Fixed a bug preventing players riding a Therizino from getting shot when Turrets were set to Player Only

– Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to name your character preset in character creation

– Fixed an issue where Ankylosaurus would get stuck in the air

– Fixed a bug where u could tame and damage Phoenix when not in Superheat

[Source: Sihmar]