Check out Some Tips for the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta

With the Star Wars Battlefront II beta now in full swing, EA has taken to the PlayStation blog to give players five tips for the game to make sure players succeed and become the best trooper they can be.

The tips – posted by Jared Petty at EA – go over a multitude of things, including how to use and manage battle points (the currency you get by defeating enemies in combat), tips for piloting space crafts in the Starfighter Assault Mode, and how to use the force when you get the chance to play as a force user.

You can find some of the tips below, and can head over to the PlayStation Blog to check out the full breakdown of them all:

Managing Battle Points

One of Star Wars Battlefront II’s more prominent innovations is the introduction of Battle Points. As you defeat enemies and help teammates, you earn Battle Points in combat. As they accrue, you gain the power to call in reinforcements and heroes.  But Battle Point costs aren’t all the same, and you’ll constantly have to balance risk and reward. Will you opt for an upgrade the moment you can afford one and hope to leverage your tactical advantage to keep the Battle Points rolling in? Or will you hoard your Battle Points while playing as a trooper? Each approach has merits… cashing in earlier will make you more effective in the first part of a battle, but if you’re defeated before accumulating more points, it may delay your ascent toward becoming a hero.

Breaking Missile Locks

If you know a missile is closing in, your best bet is to weave around cover. Fondor’s orbital platform is huge, and it makes for remarkably effective protection. Banking around any large structure at a sharp angle gives you an excellent chance of escaping a pursuing torpedo. Diving into narrow areas like a tunnel can also work. And even in open space, it’s sometimes possible to dodge missiles by rapidly turning and cutting speed or accelerating as a projectile draws close… if your timing is perfect.

Be a Teammate

It’s always fun to lead your side in kills, but Star Wars Battlefront II also rewards team play. You may find as much fulfillment in a supporting role as you do rushing headlong into a firefight.

Star Wars Battlefront II releases on November 17 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]