The Surge Gets Free DLC Pack That’s Available Now

The folks behind the action RPG The Surge have announced that there is a new free DLC available today for all players. The DLC, titled Fire & Ice, will give players 10 new high-tech weapons to use in their gunfighting experience.

As the name of the DLC implies, the weapons are split evenly in what they do. Five of the guns are fire-based weapons, and the other five are CREO Space Travel testing tools that utilize “hyper cooling technology.” Players who download the DLC can expect to find a memo and a CREO newsletter in your inventory when you join the game, which will then give you clues on where to find the 10 new weapons.

You can check out the full description of the DLC below, and make sure to head over to the game and download it, it is free after all:

Discover 10 new high-tech weapons lost in the CREO Complex. 5 fire-based weapons meant for security forces were stolen from their containment units. 5 CREO Space Travel testing tools, state-of-the-art equipment using hypercooling technology, have been lost during the incident at CREO. A security memo and a CREO newsletter in your inventory’s Organizer give clues to locate these 10 deadly weapons!

The Surge is available now.