Thriller Past Cure Has You Exacting Revenge

Past Cure is a bit of an interesting game, made by a small development team of only ten people. The title certainly looks high quality, and can easily stand up to games made by much larger teams. Past Cure tells the story of ex-soldier Ian as he exacts revenge against the people who performed experiments on them.

Phantom8 released a new trailer for Past Cure:

The developers also spoke with PlayStation.Blog about the studio’s beginnings:

Our dream – building a unique, top-tier game with our limited resources – was born 2 years ago.

In the beginning, nobody dared to believe in our vision… and everyone told us we were nuts. But in January 2016, the studio was founded and our first employees came aboard.

With at most ten people on hand we had to settle priorities and nail down the essentials of our game:

The right story and characters – we spent time developing complex characters so that their intense experiences capture the player’s imagination through to the very end. As such, the plot is never predictable and yet remains coherent and resonant, with a family drama creating a powerful arc of tension. Asked to sum the story up in a sentence, we’d say “Inception meets John Wick meets Fight Club”.

We challenged ourselves to develop a game with high graphical fidelity at an affordable price for millions of players. So, yes, even the price will be exciting!

Make sure to head to the PlayStation.Blog if you want to learn more about Past Cure.

Past Cure is scheduled to release during Q4 2017 for PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]