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Rayman Creator Michel Ancel Wants to Make Rayman 4

While the Rayman series has had a bit of a resurgence with Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, but those titles aren’t quite the same as the original Rayman games. Many were hoping that Origins’ popularity will get us Rayman 4, but we haven’t had an announcement yet. We aren’t alone though, as the creator of Rayman, Michel Ancel, also wants to make a fourth adventure for his mascot.

Aside from Rayman Legends, the latest mainline game for Rayman was Rayman 3, which was released for PlayStation 2 and more back in 2003. It’s been almost 15 years, although an HD re-release of Rayman in 2012.

Here is Michel Ancel’s Instagram post, and the context where his musings came from:

If you’re wondering why people would want a Rayman 4 over another title like Rayman Origins? Perhaps this blast from the past Rayman 3 HD review will help!

Rayman 3‘s story is about an evil black lum who has turned good red lums into Hoodlums, the game’s enemies. In what may have eventually started a Rayman tradition, this occurred while Rayman and Globox were sleeping. After the two awaken and a couple of events unfold, they embark on a mission to defeat the Hoodlums and save Globox, who has eaten one of the black lums. When the story begins, Rayman fans will notice right away that the game has full voice acting. The voice acting is okay, but sounds very out of place in a game that’s part of a series with at least two installments that had their own unique approaches to language and character voices. Some characters, like Murphy and occasionally Globox, sound inconsistent with what gamers would imagine that their voices sound like

Are you hoping for Rayman 4?

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