Digital Foundry Releases Gran Turismo Sport Technical Analysis

Gran Turismo Sport is set to be one of the nicest looking games available for the PlayStation 4 when it launches next week. Earlier this week, a demo for the game launched, allowing Digital Foundry to jump in and take a look at the game, specifically its performances with high dynamic range displays.

According to the tech company, the majority of the Gran Turismo analysis took place on a PlayStation 4 Pro using its high resolution mode. The mode, which is a checkerboard 1800p presentation with a native 4K interface, gave GT Sport results that “aren’t as crisp as other PS4 Pro titles or indeed Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One X” but were still gorgeous when compared to other titles.

When it comes down to the HDR mode, however, GT Sport seems to be in its own class:

GT Sport is in a league of its own offering users full control over the HDR experience. When enabling this feature, a configuration page allows you to match the HDR10 output to your television to get the best picture. If you’re using an LG display with reduced brightness when using the HDR game mode, GT Sport allows you to overcome this entirely, but really, every screen will benefit here in that you tailor the HDR level to best suit your tastes and the capabilities of your display. More games could learn from this implementation.

More information on the game can be found over at Eurogamer and by watching the video above.

Gran Turismo Sport launches on October 17.

[Source: Eurogamer]