New Project Code-Named 3jus Announced by Cave

Cave, the developers of DoDonPachi and Deathsmiles, have announced the development of a brand new project, currently code-named “3jus.”

Not much information about the game has been released, but a teaser website did go up, and on it, the author of Gunparade March and Touken Ranbu Online, Yuri Shibamura, talks about the “start of war”:

Will war finally commence?

The way war begins is usually the same. While everyone thinks they are equal, discontent grows and complaints are made. However, the vast majority ignore them. It is fine if there is still economic disparity.

But it would be dangerous if that gap were to disappear. Although the minority are wealthy, it would be truly dangerous if talk of unjust exploitation were to arise.

As soon as a discipline-aware supreme leader comes to the majority’s side, the preparations for war will begin. After, when several seeds of disaster have been sowed, it will end.

This is the end of regular life. In other words, it is the start of war.

Nothing concrete about the game – what platforms it will be on or what it even is – has been announced, but we’ll be sure to have updates on it as they come, so make sure to stay tuned.

[Source: All Games Delta, Gematsu]