The Evil Within 2 Difficulty Explained: Classic is the Ultimate Challenge

The Evil Within 2 releases today, and there are four different ways to play Bethesda’s horror game. While there’s never a “right” way to play a game (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with playing on a lesser difficulty), each of The Evil Within 2 difficulty settings offers up a different experience. To help you decide which one to check out, we’ve detailed all four.

The Evil Within 2 Difficulty Settings:

  • Casual
    • Do you just want to experience the story? This is the perfect setting for that. You’ll still get to see the spooky gameplay of The Evil Within 2, but the stealth and combat loop is far more forgiving. There’s nothing wrong with playing on an easier difficulty, so if you want to just enjoy the game’s interesting narrative then go ahead!
  • Survival
    • Not too easy, not too hard. Survival is the middle difficulty that a lot of players will gravitate towards for their initial The Evil Within 2 difficulty choice. This increases the number of enemies, and players will have to keep an eye on their ammunition and inventory while playing. This is a good place to start, and if you find it too difficult or too easy, you can always change the settings.
  • Nightmare
    • If you love the challenge of a survival horror game then this is what you’ll want to play on. Ammunition scarce, there’s no aim assist, and enemies do more damage than normal. Unless you’re okay with dying a ton, this might not be the best choice for people on their first playthrough, but it’s great if you want to re-experience the game for a second time.
  • Classic
    • Classic is the ultimate The Evil Within 2 difficulty, and has to be unlocked by the player finishing the campaign before you can use it. That means you’ll already be very familiar with the game before you jump into this masochistic setting, and that’s a good thing. The damage the player takes from enemies is identical to Nightmare difficulty, but there are limited save slots and no auto-save functionality here. Every life matters, and this is the game’s ultimate challenge.

Which The Evil Within 2 difficulty will you be using? Let us know in the comments below.